Precautions for COVID-19 at Weller Haus

The safety and well being of our guests and staff are of the utmost priority at Weller Haus. As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and statements from the CDC, we want to make you aware of the measures implemented to safeguard everyone at our facility.

What We Can Do For Guests and Have Done

  • In addition to our already high standards of cleaning for all guest rooms and common areas of the B&B, we’re investing in increased labor hours daily for additional deeper cleaning and sanitizing.
  • All team members have been educated on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and are required to stay home if they are feeling ill, have symptoms of respiratory infection or feel they have come in contact with someone who may have been exposed.
  • We  request that guests who are not feeling well to change their reservation and will ask you to kindly leave our property if you are showing symptoms of illness.
  • We are asking all staff to increase hand-washing and would like to ask that you do the same while you are here.
  • In-room breakfast service will be the only option available until further notice, in order to maintain social distancing and not have anyone potentially exposed within the close confines of our dining room.  
  • If you prefer for us not to serve you breakfast, we offer that option as well.
  • We will  offer only the “self check-in” option for your check-in at the property until further notice.   
  • Our staff is only here during the hours of 10:30 a.m to 3:00 pm (except me)  and only when they are needed to clean a room.  Therefore, you will not be coming in close proximity to anyone during your stay.  
  • If you are here during a multiple night stay, we will not  enter your room for a room refresh. We will provide instructions in your room on how we handle multiple night stays. 
  • Our kitchen facilities  and equipment as well as our guest kitchen receive a very thorough cleaning and sanitizing daily as required by the Northern Kentucky Health Department.

What We Cannot Do

  • Provide dining room service.
  • Allow employees to come to work or guests stay at our property  if they are ill or have had direct contact with someone who is ill.
  • Stay open if we cannot safely do so
  • Guarantee a totally CoronaVirus-Free environment.  We are exceeding all protocols required for our establishment, but like every other public location, we cannot guarantee that everyone walking through the door is COVID19-free.  Everyone who comes on-site does so at their own risk.


Reservations, Rates and Cancellations

  • All reservations made for arrivals May 1 and forward will follow the refund policy dictated by the rate that you choose at the time of booking.  
  • If your stay has been booked  in conjunction with a major event in the area–i.e,  will be your responsibility to call us to change your arrival date to coincide with the new dates of the event.  ALL of these events are currently OUTSIDE of the COVID “shelter in place” dates.   If we have rooms available on the new date, your reservation can be changed but you may be subject to a higher rate if our rates have increased.   If there are no rooms available on the new date of the event, you will receive a certificate toward a future stay.  We will only issue refunds for these types of events if you have booked our standard rate and the event is more than 14 days in advance of your phone call.
  • If you have booked your reservation through a third-party website, (Expedia,, Travelocity, Kayak,, etc) those bookings are always non-refundable.  Bookings made through our own website ( offer the option of choosing a refundable, rebookable or non-refundable rate.