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Daytripping in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana

Welcome to the Ohio River Valley, home of the only major westward flowing river. We’ve put together trips that head out in several different directions from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky periphery. These adventures are designed as one-day, round trip excursions with the farthest point being about a two-hour drive from the starting point--not including time spent sightseeing or dining. Each day trip itinerary is available to download below.


Day Trip #1—Northwest to Indiana

When they said “Head for the hills!” this area must have been what they meant. This is the south-central Indiana highlands centering upon Brown County, an area that rises incongruously from the broad, flat plains around them. You’ll descend upon towns that are home to artists and stunning architecture as well as places that offer absolutely nothing whatsoever other than an interesting name. This trip takes you through Columbus, Gnaw Bone, and Nashville, Indiana and on to Bloomington, the university town that was the setting of the bicycling film classic Breaking Away.

Day Trip #1 downloadable pdf


Day Trip #2—South through Kentucky

The very heart and soul of Kentucky is “The Bluegrass”, a seven county area centering upon Lexington in the north-central part of the state. It is the land of wide rolling pastures framed with tidy, white-plank fences—thoroughbreds graze and colts frolic in the sun. It’s the birthplace of bourbon, mint julep and burgoo. And the grass is really not blue at all, unless allowed to “top out” in seedlings, which have a bluish tint. But it is this calcium-rich grass that is prized for its role in developing the blueblood thoroughbreds that are so beloved of the horse-racing world.

Day Trip #2 downloadable pdf


Day Trip #3—Northeast to Ohio

The trip into Northeast Ohio could be, should be and really is several day trips. Your first stop should be Kings Island Amusement Park. After you’ve finished there, you really need to come back to Weller Haus for a rest and breakfast fuel. Continuing on the drive Northeast you’ll be hitting Lebanon, Ohio, TheVineyards and Ft. Ancient State Memorial Park. If you kept cruising up 71 you’d be in Columbus in no time at all—you could spend a week there and still not run out of places to see and things to do. So, for the sake of the real “day trip”, we’re going to send you around the Lebanon and Waynesville areas.

Day Trip #3 downloadable pdf


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