Event Calendar

The city of Cincinnati is bursting with events year-round. Take a look at this events calendar before booking your stay!

  MARCH 2017       
15-Mar  Jane Eyre–Playhouse in the Park–(through April 8)       
16-Mar  Norah Jones–Taft Theatre       
17-Mar  Gaither Vocal Band–BBT Arena at NKU       
17-Mar  Ballet–Bold Moves–Aranoff Theatre       
18-Mar  Eat, Drink, Paint–Newport on the Levee–Gameworks       
18-Mar  Ballet–Bold Moves–Aranoff Theatre       
18-Mar  Contella Festival/Music & Fine Arts– D/T Cincy (through 3/25)       
20-Mar  Eat, Drink, Paint–Newport on the Levee–Bar Louie       
21-Mar  The Illusionists–Aranoff Theatre– (through March 26)       
23-Mar  Eat, Drink, Paint–Newport on the Levee–Aloft Hotel       
24-Mar  Showstoppers Dance Competition–Duke Energy Cntr (thru March 26)       
24-Mar  Mandela–Journey to Ubuntu–Freedom Center–(through aug 20)       
25-Mar  Eat, Drink, Paint–Newport on the Levee–Gameworks       
25-Mar  Butterfly Show–Krohn’s Conservatory (through June 30)       
25-Mar  Percussion Power Regional–BBT Arena at NKU       
25-Mar  Spiral Stakes–Horse Racing–Turfway Park       
26-Mar  Eat, Drink, Paint–Newport on the Levee–Gameworks       
26-Mar  Percussion Power Regional–BBT Arena at NKU       
27-Mar  Theresa Caputo-Aranoff Theatre       
30-Mar  Zoogeist–Fundraiser for Cincy Zoo–Rhinegeist Brewery       
31-Mar  Jurassic Quest–Duke Energy Center       
31-Mar  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR       
  APRIL 2017     
1-Apr  Eat, Drink, Paint–Newport on the Levee–Gameworks       
1-Apr  Zoo Blooms–Cincinnati Zoo–Magnificent Spring in Bloom! (thru 4/30)       
1-Apr  Butterfly Show–Krohn’s Conservatory (through June 30)       
1-Apr  Marching Arts Championships–BBT Arena at NKU       
1-Apr  Rocktopia–Aranoff Theatre       
1-Apr  Jurassic Quest–Duke Energy Center       
1-Apr  Mandela–Journey to Ubuntu–Freedom Center–(through aug 20)       
1-Apr  Jane Eyre–Playhouse in the Park–(through April 8)       
1-Apr  Tarzan–The Musical–Taft Theatre       
2-Apr  Jurassic Quest–Duke Energy Center       
2-Apr  Tarzan–The Musical–Taft Theatre       
3-Apr  Eat, Drink, Paint–Newport on the Levee–Bar Louie       
3-Apr  Opening Day Parade–Findlay Market       
3-Apr  Reds vs Philadelphia–Opening Day       
4-Apr  Matilda–The Musical–Aranoff Theatre– (through April 16)       
4-Apr  Canstruction–Weston Art Gallery (through April 23)       
5-Apr  Reds vs Philadelphia       
6-Apr  Eat, Drink, Paint–Newport on the Levee–Aloft Hotel       
6-Apr  Tunes & Blooms–Cincinnati Zoo       
6-Apr  Color Guard Championships–BBT Arena at NKU       
6-Apr  Reds vs Philadelphia       
7-Apr  First Friday–Bellevue       
7-Apr  Monster Jam–US Bank Arena       
7-Apr  Tarzan–The Musical–Taft Theatre       
8-Apr  Summerfair–50th Anniversary Poster Exhibition–Weston Art Gallery       
8-Apr  Cheer Max Competition–Duke Energy Center       
8-Apr  Monster Jam–US Bank Arena       
8-Apr  Tarzan–The Musical–Taft Theatre       
9-Apr  Tarzan–The Musical–Taft Theatre       
11-Apr  Cirque De Soleil–US Bank Arena       
12-Apr  Cirque De Soleil–US Bank Arena       
13-Apr  Cirque De Soleil–US Bank Arena       
13-Apr  Tunes & Blooms–Cincinnati Zoo       
13-Apr  Reds vs Milwaukee       
14-Apr  Cincy R&B Festival–US Bank Arena       
14-Apr  Cirque De Soleil–US Bank Arena       
14-Apr  Reds vs Milwaukee–Fireworks Night       
15-Apr  Reds vs Milwaukee       
15-Apr  FC-Cincy Soccer–St. Louis–Nippert Stadium       
16-Apr  Cirque De Soleil–US Bank Arena       
16-Apr  Reds vs Milwaukee       
17-Apr  Rain–A Tribute to the Beatles       
18-Apr  Reds vs Baltimore       
19-Apr  Red Hot Chili Peppers–US Bank Arena       
19-Apr  Reds vs Baltimore       
19-Apr  FC-Cincy Soccer–Tampa Bay–Nippert Stadium       
20-Apr  Tunes & Blooms–Cincinnati Zoo       
20-Apr  World Percussion Championships–BBT Arena at NKU       
20-Apr  Reds vs Baltimore       
20-Apr  Celtic Woman–Aranoff Theatre       
21-Apr  Ladies Night Out–Covington–Maintrasse Village       
21-Apr  World Percussion Championships–BBT Arena at NKU       
21-Apr  Reds vs Chicago–Fireworks Night       
22-Apr  Eric Church — US Bank Arena       
22-Apr  Reds vs Chicago       
22-Apr  FC-Cincy Soccer–Louisville–Nippert Stadium       
23-Apr  Reds vs Chicago       
26-Apr  The Chainsmokers–US Bank Arena       
27-Apr  Tunes & Blooms–Cincinnati Zoo       
28-Apr  Comedy’s Most Wanted–Aranoff Theatre       
28-Apr  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR       
29-Apr  Crafty Supermarket–Clifton Cultural Arts Center       
30-Apr  Outcry Tour–BBT Arena at NKU       
  MAY 2017      
1-May  Zoo Babies–Cincinnati Zoo (through May 31)       
1-May  Butterfly Show–Krohn’s Conservatory (through June 30)       
1-May  Reds vs Pittsburg       
1-May  Mandela–Journey to Ubuntu–Freedom Center–(through aug 20)       
2-May  Reds vs Pittsburg       
2-May  Beautiful–Carole King Musical–Aranoff Theatre– (through May 14)       
3-May  Reds vs Pittsburg       
4-May  Reds vs Pittsburg       
4-May  Violin Legends–Midori–Taft Theatre (Through May 6)       
5-May  Cinco De Mayo–Fountain Square–D/T Cincinnati       
5-May  Flying Pig Marathon Events–Duke Energy Center–Cincinnati       
5-May  First Friday–Bellevue       
5-May  Reds vs San Francisco–Fireworks Night       
6-May  Cinco De Mayo–Fountain Square–D/T Cincinnati       
6-May  Flying Pig Marathon Events–Duke Energy Center–Cincinnati       
6-May  Reds vs San Francisco       
7-May  Cinco De Mayo–Fountain Square–D/T Cincinnati       
7-May  Flying Pig Marathon Events–Duke Energy Center–Cincinnati       
7-May  Reds vs San Francisco       
8-May  Reds vs Yankees       
9-May  Reds vs Yankees       
12-May  Shrek–The Musical–Aranoff Theatre (Through May 20)       
12-May  Appalachian Festival–Coney Island       
13-May  Asian Food Fest–Washington Park–Cincinnati       
13-May  Battle of the Badge–BBT Arena at NKU       
13-May  Appalachian Festival–Coney Island       
13-May  FC-Cincy Soccer–Orlando City B–Nippert Stadium       
14-May  Asian Food Fest–Washington Park–Cincinnati       
14-May  Appalachian Festival–Coney Island       
16-May  New Kids on the Block/Paula Abdul/Boyz II Men–US Bank Arena       
18-May  Opera at the Zoo–Cincinnati Zoo       
19-May  Mainstrasse Village Maifest–Covington       
19-May  Zoo La La–Cincinnati Zoo       
19-May  Reds vs Colorado–Fireworks Night       
19-May  Garrison Keillor–Aranoff Theatre       
20-May  Mainstrasse Village Maifest–Covington       
20-May  Dierks Bentley/Cole Swindell/Jon Pardi–Riverbend       
20-May  Reds vs Colorado       
20-May  City Flea–Washington Park       
20-May  FC-Cincy Soccer–Bethlehem Steel–Nippert Stadium       
21-May  Mainstrasse Village Maifest–Covington       
21-May  Reds vs Colorado       
22-May  Reds vs Cleveland       
23-May  Reds vs Cleveland       
25-May  Travis Scott w KHALID–Riverbend/PNC Pavillion       
26-May  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR       
27-May  Taste of Cincinnati–Downtown Cincinnati       
27-May  FC-Cincy Soccer–Toronto FC II–Nippert Stadium       
28-May  Taste of Cincinnati–Downtown Cincinnati       
29-May  Taste of Cincinnati–Downtown Cincinnati       
30-May  Cincy Fringe Festival–Various Locations D/T – through June 11       
31-May  Future/Migos/Kodak Black/Tory Lanez–Riverbend       
31-May  Summer Cinema Series–Washington Park       
  JUNE 2017       
1-Jun  Luke Bryant/Brett Eldridge–Riverbend       
1-Jun  Butterfly Show–Krohn’s Conservatory (through June 30)       
1-Jun  Cincy Fringe Festival–Various Locations D/T – through June 11       
1-Jun  Mandela–Journey to Ubuntu–Freedom Center–(through aug 20)       
2-Jun  Bunbury Music Festival–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
2-Jun  Summerfair–Arts & Crafts–Coney Island       
2-Jun  Lynard Skynard–Riverbend       
2-Jun  First Friday–Bellevue       
2-Jun  Reds vs Atlanta–Fireworks Night       
3-Jun  Bunbury Music Festival–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
3-Jun  Summerfair–Arts & Crafts–Coney Island       
3-Jun  Reds vs Atlanta       
3-Jun  Newport Garden Walk       
4-Jun  Taste of Newport–Monmouth Street–Newport        
4-Jun  Bunbury Music Festival–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
4-Jun  Summerfair–Arts & Crafts–Coney Island       
4-Jun  Reds vs Atlanta       
4-Jun  Newport Garden Walk       
5-Jun  Reds vs St. Louis       
6-Jun  Reds vs St. Louis       
7-Jun  ZZ Top–PNC Pavillion       
7-Jun  Reds vs St. Louis       
7-Jun  Summer Cinema Series–Washington Park–Every Wednesday       
8-Jun  Italian Fest–Newport on the Levee       
8-Jun  Wild about Wine–Tasting-Cincinnati Zoo       
8-Jun  Reds vs St. Louis       
9-Jun  Italian Fest–Newport on the Levee       
9-Jun  The Weekend & Starboy–Us Bank Arena       
10-Jun  Italian Fest–Newport on the Levee       
10-Jun  Tater Tots and Beer Festival       
10-Jun  FC-Cincy Soccer–Charlotte Independence–Nippert Stadium       
11-Jun  Italian Fest–Newport on the Levee       
11-Jun  Northern Ky Pride Fest       
11-Jun  Second Sundays on Main–Street Festival–OTR       
11-Jun  Cincy Concours d’Elegance–Car Show–Ault Park       
12-Jun   Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers–US Bank Arena       
12-Jun  The Head and Heart—PNC Pavillion       
13-Jun  Darryl Hall/John Oates & Tears for Fears–US Bank Arena       
16-Jun  Mainstrasse Village Goettafest–Covington       
16-Jun  Chris Stapleton–Riverbend       
16-Jun  Reds vs Dodgers–Fireworks Night       
17-Jun  Mainstrasse Village Goettafest–Covington     J  
17-Jun  Roebling Fest–Roebling Bridge–Covington       
17-Jun  Reds vs Dodgers       
17-Jun  Bellevue City Wide Yardsale       
17-Jun  City Flea–Washington Park       
17-Jun  FC-Cincy Soccer–Charleston Battery–Nippert Stadium       
18-Jun  Mainstrasse Village Goettafest–Covington       
18-Jun  Reds vs Dodgers       
24-Jun  Lantern Festival–Kentucky Speedway–Sparta KY       
24-Jun  Cincinnati Pride Fest       
24-Jun  FC-Cincy Soccer–St. Louis FC–Nippert Stadium       
25-Jun  Mainstrasse Bazaar–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
25-Jun  Lady Antebellum/Kelsea Ballerini/Brett Young–Riverbend       
27-Jun  Train with OAR and Natasha Bedingfeld–Riverbend       
27-Jun  Reds vs Milwaukee       
28-Jun  Reds vs Milwaukee       
29-Jun  Reds vs Milwaukee       
30-Jun  Paradise on the Point–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
30-Jun  Reds vs Chicago–Fireworks Night       
30-Jun  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR       
  JULY 2017       
1-Jul  America’s Celebration–Motorcycle Rally–Newport on the Levee       
1-Jul  Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit — PNC Pavillion       
1-Jul  Paradise on the Point–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
1-Jul  Reds vs Chicago       
1-Jul  Mandela–Journey to Ubuntu–Freedom Center–(through aug 20)       
2-Jul  America’s Celebration–Motorcycle Rally–Newport on the Levee       
2-Jul  Reds vs Chicago       
3-Jul  America’s Celebration–Motorcycle Rally–Newport on the Levee       
3-Jul  Balloon Glow–Coney Island–Cincinnati       
4-Jul  America’s Celebration–Motorcycle Rally–Newport on the Levee       
4-Jul  Red, White and Blue Ash–Blue Ash/Cincinnati       
5-Jul  Summer Cinema Series–Washington Park–Every Wednesday       
6-Jul  Nascar Racing–Kentucky Speedway–Sparta       
7-Jul  First Friday–Bellevue       
7-Jul  Nascar Racing–Kentucky Speedway–Sparta       
8-Jul  Nascar Racing–Kentucky Speedway–Sparta       
8-Jul  KY Symphony summer series–Devou Park       
9-Jul  Sam Hunt/Maren Morris–Riverbend       
9-Jul  Second Sundays on Main–Street Festival–OTR       
9-Jul  FC-Cincy Soccer–Richmond Kickers–Nippert Stadium       
10-Jul  Avenged Sevenfold–Riverbend       
11-Jul  One Republic–Riverbend       
13-Jul  Cocktails for Conservation–Cincinnati Zoo       
14-Jul  Bacon, Bourbon & Brew Festival       
14-Jul  Reds vs Washington–Fireworks Night       
15-Jul  Bacon, Bourbon & Brew Festival       
15-Jul  Chicago/Doobie Brothers–Riverbend       
15-Jul  Reds vs Washington        
15-Jul  City Flea–Washington Park       
16-Jul  Bacon, Bourbon & Brew Festival       
16-Jul  Reds vs Washington        
17-Jul  Reds vs Washington        
18-Jul  Reds vs Arizona       
19-Jul  Reds vs Arizona       
20-Jul  Reds vs Arizona       
21-Jul  Reds vs Miami–Fireworks Night       
22-Jul  Jason Aldean/Chris Young/Kane Brown–Riverbend       
22-Jul  Reds vs Miami        
23-Jul  Mainstrasse Bazaar–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
23-Jul  Reds vs Miami       
26-Jul  FC-Cincy Soccer–Harrisburg Islanders–Nippert Stadium       
27-Jul  Incubus with Jimmy Eat World–Riverbend       
27-Jul  Red, White and Zoo–Benefit Concert–Cincinnati Zoo       
28-Jul  Cincinnati Music Festival–Paul Brown Stadium       
28-Jul  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR       
28-Jul  Porkopolis Pig & Whiskey Festival–Jack Casino       
29-Jul  Cincinnati Music Festival–Paul Brown Stadium       
29-Jul  Porkopolis Pig & Whiskey Festival–Jack Casino       
29-Jul  FC-Cincy Soccer–Rochester Rhinos–Nippert Stadium       
30-Jul  Evening with 2 Cellos-PNC Pavillion       
  AUGUST 2017      
1-Aug  KORN and Stone Sour       
1-Aug  Mandela–Journey to Ubuntu–Freedom Center–(through aug 20)       
2-Aug  Summer Cinema Series–Washington Park–Every Wednesday       
3-Aug  Worlds Longest Yard Sale–Corridor 127–Covington       
3-Aug  Glier’s Goettafest–Newport on the Levee       
4-Aug  Worlds Longest Yard Sale–Corridor 127–Covington       
4-Aug  Glier’s Goettafest–Newport on the Levee       
4-Aug  Rod Stewart/Cyndi Lauper-Riverbend       
4-Aug  First Friday–Bellevue       
4-Aug  Reds vs St. Louis–Fireworks Night       
5-Aug  Worlds Longest Yard Sale–Corridor 127–Covington       
5-Aug  Glier’s Goettafest–Newport on the Levee       
5-Aug  Reds vs St. Louis       
5-Aug  Ohio River Paddlefest       
5-Aug  KY Symphony summer series–Devou Park       
5-Aug  FC-Cincy Soccer–Orlando City B–Nippert Stadium       
6-Aug  Worlds Longest Yard Sale–Corridor 127–Covington       
6-Aug  Glier’s Goettafest–Newport on the Levee       
6-Aug  Reds vs St. Louis       
7-Aug  Reds vs San Diego       
8-Aug  Foreigner/Cheap Trick/Led Zeppelin Experience–Riverbend       
8-Aug  Reds vs San Diego       
9-Aug  Nickleback/Daughtry–Riverbend       
9-Aug  Reds vs San Diego       
10-Aug  Inland Seafood Festival–Newport on the Levee       
10-Aug  Brad Paisley/Dustin Lynch–Riverbend       
10-Aug  Reds vs San Diego       
11-Aug  Inland Seafood Festival–Newport on the Levee       
11-Aug  Blues Festival–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
11-Aug  Kings of Leon–Riverbend       
12-Aug  Inland Seafood Festival–Newport on the Levee       
12-Aug  Blues Festival–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
12-Aug  Western & Southern Tennis Open–Cincinnati/Mason (through 8/20)       
13-Aug  Inland Seafood Festival–Newport on the Levee       
13-Aug  Second Sundays on Main–Street Festival–OTR       
17-Aug  Wild about Wine–Tasting-Cincinnati Zoo       
18-Aug  Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
19-Aug  Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
19-Aug  City Flea–Washington Park       
20-Aug  Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion–Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
20-Aug  Green Day–Riverbend       
22-Aug  Reds vs Chicago       
23-Aug  Reds vs Chicago       
23-Aug  FC-Cincy Soccer–Ottowa Fury FC–Nippert Stadium       
24-Aug  Brew Ha Ha—Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
24-Aug  Reds vs Chicago       
25-Aug  Taste of Blue Ash–Blue Ash/Cincinnati       
25-Aug  Brew Ha Ha—Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
25-Aug  Reds vs Pittsburg       
25-Aug  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR       
25-Aug  Germania Society Oktoberfest       
26-Aug  Taste of Blue Ash–Blue Ash/Cincinnati       
26-Aug  John Mayer–Riverbend       
26-Aug  Brew Ha Ha—Sawyer Point–Cincinnati       
26-Aug  Reds vs Pittsburg       
26-Aug  Germania Society Oktoberfest       
27-Aug  Mainstrasse Bazaar–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
27-Aug  Newport Downtown Car Festival–Monmouth Street       
27-Aug  Cheetah Run/Walk 5k–Cincinnati Zoo       
27-Aug  Reds vs Pittsburg       
29-Aug  Reds vs Mets       
30-Aug  Reds vs Mets       
31-Aug  Reds vs Mets       
  SEPTEMBER 2017      
1-Sep  First Friday–Bellevue

1-Sep  Star Wars Costume Display — Museum Center (through 10/1)

2-Sep  Shakespeare in Love–Playhouse in the Park (through 9/30)      
2-Sep  Tim Mcgraw/Faith Hill–US Bank Arena       
2-Sep  KY Symphony summer series–Devou Park       
2-Sep  FC-Cincy Soccer–Pittsburgh Riverhounds–Nippert Stadium

2 Sep  Ohio Renaissance Festival–Harveysburg, OH (through 10/29)       
3-Sep  Riverfest Fireworks–Cincinnati & Newport on the Levee       
4-Sep  Reds vs Milwaukee       
5-Sep  Reds vs Milwaukee       
6-Sep  Reds vs Milwaukee

7-Sep  Harvest Home Fair–Cheviot Oh (through Sept 10)       
8-Sep  Oktoberfest–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
8-Sep  End of Summer Cincy Beerfest–Fountain Square–D/T Cincy

8-Sep  A Midsummer Night’s Dream–Shakespeare Company (through 9/30)

8-Sep  Ubahn Fest–Riverfront Transit Center (through Sept 9)      
9-Sep  Oktoberfest–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
9-Sep  Vinoklet Arts & Wine Festival–Colerain Avenue–Cincinnati       
9-Sep  End of Summer Cincy Beerfest–Fountain Square–D/T Cincy       
9-Sep  Art in the Park–Bellevue

10-Sep  Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens       
10-Sep  Oktoberfest–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
10-Sep  Cheese Fest–Smale Park–Cincinnati       
10-Sep  Deep Purple/Edgar Winter/Alice Cooper–Riverbend       
10-Sep  Second Sundays on Main–Street Festival–OTR       
13-Sep  Wicked —  Aranoff Theatre– (through October 15)

14 Sep  Bengals vs. Houston Texans       
15-Sep  Oktoberfest Zinzinnati–Downtown Cincinnati       
15-Sep  Brantley Gilbert–Riverbend       
15-Sep  Reds vs Pittsburg–Fireworks Night       
16-Sep  Oktoberfest Zinzinnati–Downtown Cincinnati       
16-Sep  Steve Martin/Marting Short–PNC Pavillion       
16-Sep  Reds vs Pittsburg       
16-Sep  City Flea–Washington Park       
16-Sep  FC-Cincy Soccer–New York Red Bulls II–Nippert Stadium       
17-Sep  Oktoberfest Zinzinnati–Downtown Cincinnati       
17-Sep  Reds vs Pittsburg       
19-Sep  Reds vs St. Louis       
20-Sep  Reds vs St. Louis       
21-Sep  Reds vs St. Louis

21-Sep  Bob Segar & the Silver Bullet Band–US Bank Arena

22-Sep  ARCA Racing Series–Kentucky Speedway, Sparta

22-Sep  Cincinnati Comic Expo–Duke Energy Convention Ctr–(thru 9/24)      
22-Sep  Oktoberfest–Newport on the Levee       
22-Sep  Cincinnati Food & Wine Classic –Sawyer Point       
22-Sep  Reds vs Boston–Fireworks Night

23-Sep  NASCAR Xfinity Series–Kentucky Speedway, Sparta       
23-Sep  Oktoberfest–Newport on the Levee       
23-Sep  Cincinnati Food & Wine Classic –Sawyer Point       
23-Sep  Reds vs Boston

23-Sep  Fire Up the Night–Fireworks Show–Coney Island

23-Sep  Midpoint Music Festival–Taft Theatre/Masonic Center (thru 9/24)       
24-Sep  Mainstrasse Bazaar–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
24-Sep  Oktoberfest–Newport on the Levee       
24-Sep  Reds vs Boston       
29-Sep  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR

29-Sep  Mermaids at the Aquarium–Newport Aquarium (thru 10/15)       
  OCTOBER 2017       

1-Oct  Ohio Renaissance Festival–Harveysburg, OH (thru 10/29)

1-Oct  Wicked–Aranoff Theatre (thru October 15)

1-Oct  Mermaids at the Aquarium–Newport Aquarium–(thru 10/15)

5-Oct  Zoo Brew–Cincinnati Zoo

6-Oct  Music Hall Grand Opening with Symphony–Music Hall       
6-Oct  First Friday–Bellevue

7-Oct  Music Hall Grand Opening with Symphony–Music Hall       
7-Oct  Hallzooween–Cincinnati Zoo

7-Oct  Falloween Fest–Coney Island      
8-Oct  Hallzooween–Cincinnati Zoo

8-Oct  Falloween Fest–Coney Island
8-Oct  Second Sundays on Main–Street Festival–OTR

8-Oct  Bengals vs Buffalo Bills

8 Oct  Fall Food Festival–Findlay Market

14-Oct  Cincy Cyclones Hockey vs Kalamazoo–Home Opener     
14-Oct  Harvest Fest–Monmouth Street–Newport       
14-Oct  Sauerkraut Festival–Waynesville, OH

14-Oct  Falloween Fest–Coney Island       
14-Oct  Hallzooween–Cincinnati Zoo       
15-Oct  Sauerkraut Festival–Waynesville, OH       
15-Oct  Hallzooween–Cincinnati Zoo

15-Oct  Falloween Fest–Coney Island       

20-Oct  Foo Fighters–US Bank Arena

21-Oct  Romeo & Juliet–Cincy Ballet, Music Hall (thru Oct 23)

21-Oct  Imagine Dragons–US Bank Arena

21-Oct  Hallzooween–Cincinnati Zoo

21-Oct  Falloween Fest–Coney Island       
21-Oct  City Flea–Washington Park 

22-Oct  Falloween Fest–Coney Island      
22-Oct  Mainstrasse Bazaar–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
22-Oct  Dog Pawrade–Mainstrasse Village–Covington       
22-Oct  Hallzooween–Cincinnati Zoo       

26-Oct  Art in Bloom-Cincy Art Museum (thru Oct 29)

27-Oct  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR       
28-Oct  Hallzooween–Cincinnati Zoo       
28-Oct  Fall Fest Weekend–Washington Park–Cincinnati

29-Oct  Bengals vs. Indiana Colts       
29-Oct  Hallzooween–Cincinnati Zoo       
29-Oct  Fall Fest Weekend–Washington Park–Cincinnati       
  NOVEMBER 2017    
3-Nov   First Friday–Bellevue

4-Nov   The Rosemary Clooney Musical–The Carnegie (thru 11/19)

4-Nov   Cyclones Hockey vs Adirondack–US Bank Arena       
7-Nov   Finding Neverland– Aranoff Theatre– (thru November 19)

10-Nov Holiday Junction/Feat. Brickopolis (thru Jan 1) 

10 Nov  Christmas Nights of Lights–Coney Island (thru 1/1/2018)

10 Nov  Holiday Junction feat. Brickopolis–Museum Center (thru 1/1/2018)

10 Nov  Greater Cincy Holiday Market–Duke Energy Center

11 Nov  Greater Cincy Holiday Market–Duke Energy Center

12 Nov  Greater Cincy Holiday Market–Duke Energy Center

14-Nov  Cyclones Hockey vs Quad City–US Bank Arena

17-Nov  Cyclones Hockey vs Toledo-US Bank Arena      

17 Nov  Germania Christkindlmarkt–Germania Park (thru 11/19)

18 Nov  Christmas at Krohn’s Conservatory (thru Jan 7)

18 Nov  Holiday Toy Trains–Beringer Crawford Musuem (thru 1/14/2018)

18-Nov  PNC Festival of Lights–Cincinnati Zoo (through year end)

19-Nov  A Perfect Circle–BBT Arena at NKU

22-Nov  Cyclones Hockey vs Toledo–US Bank Arena

23-Nov  Thanksgiving Day Race–Paul Brown Stadium

24-Nov  Winterfest–Kings Island (thru 12/30/2017)

24-Nov  Winterfair–N. Ky Convention Center (thru Nov 26)

24-Nov  Scuba Santa–Newport Aquarium (thru  12/31/2017)

24-Nov  Cyclones Hockey vs Wheeling–US Bank Arena      
24-Nov  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR

24-Nov  Ale to the Queen City–Mehring Way–Near Roebling Bridge

24-Nov  Macy’s Light Up the Square–D/Town–Fountain Square

25-Nov  Ale to the Queen City–Mehring Way–Near Roebling Bridge

25-Nov  Macy’s Downtown Dazzle–Fountain Square D/T Cincinnati

26-Nov  Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns

29-Nov  Cyclones Hockey vs. Reading–US Bank Arena      
30-Nov  Tim Gaffigan–US Bank Arena       
  DECEMBER 2017       
1-Dec    PNC Festival of Lights–Cincinnati Zoo (thru Jan 1)       
1-Dec    First Friday–Bellevue

1-Dec    Scuba Santa–Newport Aquarium (thru 12/31/2017)

1-Dec    Christmas Nights of Lights–Coney Island (thru 1/1/2018)

1-Dec    Holiday Junction feat. Brickopolis–Museum Center (thru 1/1/2018)

1-Dec    Holiday Toy Trains–Beringer Crawford Musuem (thru 1/14/2018)

1-Dec    Winterfest — Kings Island (thru 12/30/2017)

1-Dec    Christmas Saengerfest–OTR, various venues (And December 2)

1-Dec    RedsFest–Duke Energy Center–D/T Cincinnati (And December 2)

1-Dec    Christmas at Krohn’s Conservatory (thru Jan 7)

1-Dec    Holiday Junction/Feat. Brickopolis (thru Jan 1)

2-Dec    Crafty Supermarket Holiday Show–Music Hall

2-Dec    Macy’s Downtown Dazzle–Fountain Square D/T Cincinnati

4-Dec    Bengals vs Pittsburg Steelers

5-Dec    Cyclones Hockey vs Orlando–US Bank Arena 
5-Dec    A Christmas Story–Aranoff Theatre– (thru December 10)

7-Dec    Cyclones Hockey vs Orlando–US Bank Arena

9-Dec    SantaCon–More than 500 Santas in an all day pub crawl–D/T Cincy

9-Dec    Cyclones Hockey vs Tulsa–US Bank Arena

9-Dec    Macy’s Downtown Dazzle–Fountain Square, D/T Cincy

10-Dec  Bengals vs. Chicago Bears

13-Dec  Cyclones Hockey vs Ft. Wayne–US Bank Arena

15-Dec  Cyclones Hockey vs Quad City–US Bank Arena

15-Dec  Christmas Town–Creation Museum (through December 30)

16-Dec  Cyclones Hockey vs Quad City–US Bank Arena

21-Dec  Transiberian Orchestra–The Ghosts of Christmas–US Bank Arena

24-Dec  Bengals vs. Detroit Lions

27-Dec  Cyclones Hockey vs Ft. Wayne–US Bank Arena

29-Dec  Harlem Globetrotters–US Bank Arena

29-Dec  Final Friday–Pendleton Art Center–OTR       

31-Dec  New Years Eve Blast–Fountain Square–D/T Cincy

31-Dec  Happy Zoo Year–Cincy Zoo

31-Dec  Rhinegeist New Years Gala–Rheingeist Brewery

31-Dec  Cyclones Hockey vs Brampton–US Bank Arena

31-Dec  Happy Zoo Year–Cincinnati Zoo       

1-Jan    Holiday Toy Trains–Beringer Crawford Museum (thru 1/14/2018)

5-Jan    Cavalcade of Customs–Duke Energy Center–D/T Cincy (thru Jan 7)

6-Jan    Cyclones Hockey vs Wheeling–US Bank Arena

9-Jan    Waitress–Aranoff Theatre– (through January 21)       

12-Jan  Travel, Sports, & Boat Show–Duke Energy Center (thru Jan 14)

12-Jan  Cyclones Hockey vs Kansas City–US Bank Arena

17-Jan  Travel, Sports, & Boat Show–Duke Energy Center (thru Jan 21)

19-Jan  Cyclones Hockey vs Tulsa–US Bank Arena

28-Jan  Goldstar Chili Cookoff–Findlay Market

2-Feb    Cincy Winter Blues Fest–The Phoenix (and Feb 3)

2-Feb    Cincy Winter Beerfest–Duke Energy Center (and Feb 3)

21-Feb  School of Rock–The Musical–Aranoff Theatre– (through March 4)       

2-Mar    BockFest (thru March 4)

7-Mar    Cincy International Wine Festival (thru March 10)

20-Mar  Chicago–The Musical–Aranoff Theatre– (through March 25)       
10-Apr  The King and I–Aranoff Theatre–(through April 22)       

6-May    Flying Pig Marathon

18-May  May Festival (thru May 26)

26-May  Taste of Cincinnati (thru May 28)

29-May  Aladdin–Aranoff Theatre — (through June 10)       

1-June   Bunbury Music Festival (through June 3)

14-July  NASCAR at Kentucky Speedway

26-July  Cincinnati Music Festival (thru July 28)

31-Jul    The Book of Mormon–Aranoff Theatre–(through August 5)

11-Aug   Western/Southern Tennis Open (thru August 19)