Event Calendar

The city of Cincinnati is bursting with events year-round. Take a look at this events calendar before booking your stay!


1-Apr Aladdin–Aranoff (thru 4/7)
1-Apr Reds vs. Milwaukee
1-Apr Cincinnati Zoo Blooms (thru 4/30)
1-Apr Butterfly Show (through June 16)
2-Apr Reds vs. Milwaukee
3-Apr Reds vs. Milwaukee
5-Apr Dane Cook–Taft Theatre
5-Apr First Friday Bellevue
7-Apr FC Cincinnati vs. Kansas City
8-Apr Reds vs. Miami
9-Apr Reds vs. Miami
9-Apr Miss Saigon–Aranoff (thru April 21)
10-Apr Reds vs. Miami
12-Apr Brit Floyd–Taft Theatre
17-Apr Boney James–Taft Theatre
18-Apr Celtic Woman–Taft Theatre
19-Apr FC Cincinnati vs. Salt Lake City
23-Apr Reds vs. Atlanta
24-Apr Reds vs. Atlanta
25-Apr Reds vs. Atlanta
25-Apr Home School Convention (thru 4/27)
26-Apr Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine
26-Apr Mercy Me Tour–US Bank Arena

1-May Cincinnati Zoo Babies (thru 5/31)
1-May Butterfly Show (through June 16)
2-May New Kids on the Block–US Bank Arena
3-May Comedy Tour w/ Mike Epps–US Bank Arena
3-May First Friday Bellevue
3-May Reds vs. SFO
4-May Reds vs. SFO
5-May Reds vs. SFO
5-May Flying Pig Marathon
6-May Reds vs. SFO
6-May WWE MondayNight Raw–US Bank Arena
11-May FC Cincinnati vs. Montreal
11-May Asian Food Festival (through May 12)
12-May Second Sunday on Main–D/T Cincy
12-May The 1975 with Palo Waves/No Rome –Riverbend
14-May Reds vs. Chicago
15-May Reds vs. Chicago
16-May Reds vs. Chicago
16-May Rascal Flatts–Riverbend
17-May Reds vs. Dodgers
17-May May Festival (through May 25)
18-May Reds vs. Dodgers
19-May Reds vs. Dodgers
25-May FC Cincinnati vs. NYC
25-May Taste of Cincinnati
26-May Taste of Cincinnati
27-May Taste of Cincinnati
27-May Reds vs. Pittsburg
28-May Reds vs. Pittsburg
29-May Reds vs. Pittsburg
30-May Riverbend
31-May Bunbury Festival (through June 2)
31-May Cincinnati Fringe Festival (thru 6/15)
31-May Summer Fair–Coney Island
31-May Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine
31-May Reds vs. Washington

1-Jun Cincinnati Fringe Festival (thru 6/15)
1-Jun Summer Fair–Coney Island
1-Jun Bunbury Festival
1-Jun Reds vs. Washington
1-Jun Butterfly Show (through June 16)
1-Jun Old West Festival (through July 7)
2-Jun Summer Fair–Coney Island
2-Jun Bunbury Festival
2-Jun Travis Tritt/Charlie Daniels Band–Riverbend
2-Jun Reds vs. Washington
3-Jun Bunbury Festival
7-Jun First Friday Bellevue
7-Jun Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine
8-Jun Summit Fest Country Music
8-Jun Luke Bryan–Riverbend
9-Jun Second Sunday on Main–D/T Cincy
12-Jun Josh Groban–US Bank Arena
13-Jun Newport Italian Fest
14-Jun Newport Italian Fest
14-Jun Reds vs. Texas
14-Jun Newport Garden Walk (through June 16)
15-Jun Carrie Underwood–US Bank Arena
15-Jun Newport Italian Fest
15-Jun Reds vs. Texas
16-Jun Newport Italian Fest
16-Jun Reds vs. Texas
17-Jun Reds vs. Houston
18-Jun Reds vs. Houston
19-Jun Reds vs. Houston
22-Jun FC Cincinnati vs. Los Angeles
22-Jun Pride Parade and Festival
28-Jun Reds vs. Chicago
29-Jun Bellevue Garden Walk
29-Jun Reds vs. Chicago
30-Jun Kidz Bob Tour–Riverbend
30-Jun Reds vs. Chicago

1-Jul Old West Festival (through July 7)
1-Jul Reds vs. Milwaukee
2-Jul Reds vs. Milwaukee
2-Jul Dave Matthews–Riverbend
3-Jul Balloon Glow Coney Island
3-Jul Reds vs. Milwaukee
4-Jul Red, White and Blue Ash
4-Jul Reds vs. Milwaukee
4-Jul Cincy Symphony Orchestra–Red/White/Boom–Riverbend
5-Jul First Friday Bellevue
5-Jul Reds Rockin 150 Open House
6-Jul FC Cincinnati vs. Houston
6-Jul Reds vs. Cleveland
7-Jul Reds vs. Cleveland
11-Jul NASCAR Racing (through July 13)
11-Jul Bacon, Bourbon & Brew Fest–Newport
12-Jul Peter Frampton–Riverbend
12-Jul Bacon, Bourbon & Brew Fest–Newport
13-Jul Bacon, Bourbon & Brew Fest–Newport
13-Jul Cincy Blues Festival
13-Jul Water Lantern Festival–Eden Park
13-Jul Marilyn Manson–Riverbend
14-Jul Bacon, Bourbon & Brew Fest–Newport
14-Jul Second Sunday on Main–D/T Cincy
17-Jul Third Eye Blind–Rverbend
18-Jul FC Cincinnati vs. Washington DC
18-Jul Jimmy Buffet–Riverbend
18-Jul Reds vs. St. Louis
19-Jul Tedeschi Truck Band of Wheels–Riverbend
19-Jul Reds vs. St. Louis
20-Jul Hootie & the Blowfish/Barenaked Ladies–Riverbend
20-Jul Reds vs. St. Louis
21-Jul FC Cincinnati vs. New England
21-Jul Reds vs. St. Louis
23-Jul Alice Cooper–Riverbend
24-Jul Train/Goo Goo Dolls–Riverbend
25-Jul Macy’s Music Festival
26-Jul Macy’s Music Festival
26-Jul Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine
26-Jul Reds vs. Colorado
26-Jul Righteous Bros/Temptations–Riverbend
27-Jul Heart–Riverbend
27-Jul Macy’s Music Festival
27-Jul Reds vs. Colorado
28-Jul Reds vs. Colorado
29-Jul Reds vs. Pittsburg
30-Jul Reds vs. Pittsburg
31-Jul Jon Bellion–Riverbend
31-Jul Reds vs. Pittsburg

1-Aug Florida Georgia Line/Dan & Shay–Riverbend
1-Aug Newport Goetta Fest
2-Aug Newport Goetta Fest
2-Aug First Friday Bellevue
3-Aug FC Cincinnati vs. Vancouver
3-Aug Newport Goetta Fest
3-Aug Ohio River Paddlefest
4-Aug Newport Goetta Fest
5-Aug Reds vs. Los Angeles
6-Aug Reds vs. Los Angeles
8-Aug Newport Seafood Festival
8-Aug Reds vs Chicago
9-Aug Newport Seafood Festival
9-Aug Reds vs Chicago
9-Aug Thomas Rhett–Riverbend
10-Aug Newport Seafood Festival
10-Aug Western/Southern Tennis Open (thru Aug 18)
10-Aug Reds vs Chicago
11-Aug Second Sunday on Main–D/T Cincy
11-Aug Newport Seafood Festival
11-Aug Reds vs Chicago
15-Aug Iron Maiden–Riverbend
15-Aug Reds vs St. Louis
16-Aug Reds vs. St. Louis
17-Aug FC Cincinnati vs. NYC
17-Aug Reds vs. St. Louis
18-Aug Reds vs. St. Louis
19-Aug Reds vs. San Diego
20-Aug Reds vs. San Diego
21-Aug Reds vs. San Diego
22-Aug Bengals vs. Giants
25-Aug FC Cincinnati vs. Columbus
29-Aug Kiss-Riverbend
29-Aug Bengals vs. Colts
30-Aug Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine
31-Aug Renaissance Festival (through October 27)

1-Sep Riverfest & WEBN Fireworks
1-Sep Renaissance Festival (through October 27)
2-Sep Reds vs. Philadelphia
3-Sep Reds vs. Philadelphia
4-Sep Reds vs. Philadelphia
5-Sep Reds vs. Philadelphia
6-Sep First Friday Bellevue
6-Sep Reds vs. Arizona
7-Sep FC Cincinnati vs. Toronto
7-Sep Reds vs. Arizona
8-Sep Second Sunday on Main–D/T Cincy
8-Sep Reds vs. Arizona
15-Sep Bengals vs. San Francisco
18-Sep FC Cincinnati vs. Atlanta
20-Sep Reds vs. Mets
20-Sep Oktoberfest Cincinnati
21-Sep Oktoberfest Cincinnati
21-Sep FC Cincinnati vs. Chicago
21-Sep Reds vs. Mets
22-Sep Oktoberfest Cincinnati
22-Sep Reds vs. Mets
24-Sep Reds vs. Milwaukee
25-Sep Reds vs. Milwaukee
25-Sep Chainsmokers/5 Seconds of Summer–US Bank Arena
26-Sep Reds vs. Milwaukee
27-Sep Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine
28-Sep Kid Rock–Riverbend
29-Sep FC Cincinnati vs. Orlando

1-Oct Renaissance Festival (through October 27)
4-Oct Kentuckys Edge (through Oct 5)
4-Oct First Friday Bellevue
6-Oct Bengals vs. Arizona Cardinals
10-Oct BLINK CINCINNATI (through October 13)
13-Oct Second Sunday on Main–D/T Cincy
20-Oct Bengals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
24-Oct Celine Dion–US Bank Arena
25-Oct Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine

1-Nov First Friday Bellevue
1-Nov Winterfest/Kings Island (Select Dates to be announced)
8-Nov Christmas Night of Lights–Coney Island (through Jan 1)
9-Nov Krohns Conservatory Christmas Display (through Jan 5)
10-Nov Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens
15-Nov Holiday Lights in Sharon Woods (through Dec 31)
16-Nov PNC Festival of Lights–Zoo (through Jan 1)
22-Nov Holiday Lights on the Hill (through Jan 5)
24-Nov Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
29-Nov Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine
30-Nov Macys Downtown Dazzle

1-Dec Christmas Night of Lights–Coney Island (through Jan 1)
1-Dec Holiday Lights in Sharon Woods (through Dec 31)
1-Dec PNC Festival of Lights–Zoo (through Jan 1)
1-Dec Holiday Lights on the Hill (through Jan 5)
1-Dec Krohns Conservatory Christmas Display (through Dec 31)
1-Dec Winterfest/Kings Island (Select Dates to be announced)
1-Dec Bengals vs. New York Jets
6-Dec First Friday Bellevue
6-Dec RedsFest (through December 7)
7-Dec Macys Downtown Dazzle
14-Dec Macys Downtown Dazzle
15-Dec Bengals vs. New England
27-Dec Final Friday Gallery Hop–Over the Rhine
29-Dec Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns