The Story of Two Pennies

When you arrive in your suite, as you look around and explore everything in the room, you may find several places with a penny tucked away.  We find them in the strangest places–on top of a curtain rod, inside a refrigerator, tucked into door trim—our guests are really quite creative when adding their pennies to a room. 

You might be wondering why we’re even mentioning this and why our guests leave pennies in the room.  We get that question frequently–and while we have “The Story of Two Pennies” detailed in our our online guest book, we thought we’d share it here as well.  When I get asked about it—I always suggest that guests read the story–because it certainly loses something in translation when I give the abbreviated version.  

So here it is…..The Story of Two Pennies

     Have you noticed pennies in your room?  If so, there’s a story behind them…if not, we’ve probably picked them up and added them to our jar—and it’s time to accumulate more!  They are there for a very special purpose.  Those little pieces of metal don’t buy much.  There are millions of them in the world, but few people think of them as a valuable or a treasured commodity.  It’s true—alone they don’t have much worth.  But, when pennies are put together a significant difference can be seen.

     Just like a jar with a million pennies, this inn is built on the strength, nurturing and dedication of many people.  A penny was added to an empty jar, for good luck, when Mary Weller envisioned this Bed and Breakfast.  Another when her mother offered words of wisdom and encouragement when many asked “What exactly is a ‘bread and breakfast’?”  Another penny went into the jar as Vernon Weller planted his rose garden and still another as he agreed to take on the home restoration project where Margaret’s Porch, The Dream Suite and the Garden room are located.  Numerous pennies were added through the years as the Weller’s nursed each other and this business through bumps and bruises.  Love added countless pennies from family and friends.  Mary and Vernon extended their hearts to include David and Valerie Brown into their family as they sold them this business and got to know them through the process.  David and Val added many pennies of their own when they saw the business starting to expand along with the development in the area.  Leanne Saylor owned the property for 10 years before selling to us and she was graciously accepted into this extended family as the third owner of Weller Haus.  We’ve now been blessed with two beautiful homes and a thriving business that can be attributed to not only the Weller’s, Browns and Leanne, but to you, our much sought after guest.

     Each time this place offers a guest a quiet moment, a couple rekindles a romance, or a toast is raised in friendship, engagement, marriage or birth of a child, another penny is added to a room. Each couple who say their vows here or a nervous young man proposes to the love of his life here, a spouse returns safe from serving their country, another penny is added.

     These pennies are a reminder to our four families of all the people that have supported this business; of all the hard work it took to establish and sustain the bed and breakfast; and just how much you, our guest, enrich our lives by sharing a bit of yours with us.  Thank you…from the bottom of our hearts.  We know you have a lot of choices today in where you want to spend your time and hard earned money, and we are so appreciative that you have put your faith in Weller Haus Bed,  Breakfast and Event Center.  We look forward to finding your two pennies.