Inn Policies

We welcome you to the Weller Haus Bed, Breakfast & Event Center in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. Please take a moment to review our policies and guidelines below and contact us if you have any additional questions that may not be answered here.

Check-in/Check-out —  All Check-ins are self checkins

  • Check-in: Begins at 3 pm.  We will send you an email one day prior to your arrival with directions to your suite, your personal pin code to get in our buildings and your room as well as a link to order breakfast online.
  • Early Arrivals:  We cannot accept any early check ins and the electronic lock to your suite is programmed to accept your personal pin code no sooner than 3 pm.  If you arrive early, please feel free to enjoy our gardens or a walk to our historic shopping district just two blocks away.
  • Late Arrivals:  If you arrive at 9 pm or later, please be respectful of others at the property with regard to noise levels.  We are a “quiet b&b” and while you can come and go as you please, consideration of other guests on the property is a priority.
  • Check-out: 11:00 am
  • Late Check-out: We do not offer late checkouts and will charge $75.00 if we do not have access to your room by 11:15 am.  We have a limited time for cleaning rooms. We never know the condition the room will be in or if some type of maintenance will be required. 


  • Reservations are accepted through our online booking system 24 hours a day or by phone between 10 am – 7 pm EST by calling 859-391-8315. Our online booking system is REAL TIME, which means that the inventory you see online accurately represents our room availability.  You may book online 24/7.
  • All reservations require a major credit card to book a room–we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover–and all charges are incurred at the time of booking. There are no exceptions to making a reservation without a  credit  card. If you would like to pay with cash, you may do so at the end of the rental. 
  • We do not accept cards that require that you “add money to the card” or Visa/Mastercard/American Express Gift Cards.
  • We only accept Weller Haus Gift Certificates–none from third party vendors.
  • Our bed and breakfast is a small five-room inn and every reservation is important to us and our business. Our policy is to never overbook any room. Once your reservation has been confirmed, we turn away all other guests and guarantee that room for all nights you have reserved. In turn, we request that you fulfill your commitment to us based on the rate you have selected.

Rates, Rate Restrictions, Changes & Cancellations

  • Rates are based on two adult guests per room and we cannot accommodate more than two guests in any room due to fire regulations.  We know you love your children and also know that many parents want their children to experience a Bed & Breakfast, but we do not accept children. Our room configurations and fire regulations do not permit more than two guests per room and this includes infants and children.  Please do not attempt to bring in your infant or young child thinking that “it won’t matter”.   It does.  It does to us and it does to other guests at the property who have chosen Weller Haus as a quiet escape.  We will ask you to leave and will not offer any refunds.
  • We offer multiple rates for each room, which are available to every guest – a BEST AVAILABLE non-refundable rate, and our PEACE OF MIND Cancellation Coverage Rate which allows you to cancel your booking for :any reason” no later than 3 pm Eastern Standard Time two days before your check-in day.   For example, checking in on a Friday, you would need to cancel by 3 pm on Wednesday. 
  • All funds are collected at the time of booking for the full amount of the reservation.
  • Additional Discounts – The Weller Haus Bed, Breakfast & Event Center will offer special discounts throughout the year.  We do not offer any discounts   to specific groups such as AAA, AARP, etc.  We have no relationship with these groups and feel that everyone is entitled to the option of booking a lower, more restrictive rate if they choose.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Rates – We have seasonal rates during holidays, special events, and peak summer months. These will be reflected in our online reservation system and you will be advised when booking by phone.
  • Shortened Stays/No-Shows – A no-show for your reservation will forfeit all funds paid. Once you arrive at our property, you are responsible for each night of your reservation even if you are required to shorten your visit.


  • We are a smoke-free facility with smoking permitted outside only. Please dispose of your items in our outside smoking receptacles – not within your room.
  • Candles are not permitted. If candles are provided in any of our rooms, they are battery operated. Please do not attempt to light them.
  • Should there be any evidence of candle burning, smoking in the room–including vaping– or smoke odors, there will be a $500 non-refundable cleaning fee charged to your credit card on file.


We are pet friendly in the Rendezvous Suite only, unless you have an official service dog.  “Emotional Support Animals” are not considered official service dogs and must be booked into the Rendezvous Suite with the restriction of 25 lbs. or less.  Official service dogs may be booked into any room. 

  • Dogs 25lbs or less are welcome in the Rendezvous Suite with an additional one-time $45.00 non-refundable pet fee for one dog and $75.00 for two. If the pet barks excessively or another guest complains about the barking, we will ask that you board your pet off-site. All dogs must be walked off of our property–no exceptions.

Excessive Cleaning Fee

If you depart our property and leave your room “trashed”, you are subject to an excessive cleaning fee of $100.00.  While “trashed” is a subjective word–we are not talking about towels on the floor or a normal amount of trash for your stay in a trash can.  We mean an excessive mess–whether its personal items you’ve chosen to leave behind, excessive amounts of trash or dirt—anything that will create extra cleaning time above the general time of one hour–If we have to clean up after you before we clean, there will be a charge.


Parking is on-street, in front of our property on either side of the street.  Please do not park in any parking lot near our property as your vehicle can be towed with no notice.  

Left Items

Should you leave an item behind in your room, we will keep the item for up to two weeks, and where possible, notify you of the item left behind. Please call us and we will be happy to return the item and charge the postage fee to the credit card on file.