We’ve compiled a few “gentle reminders” regarding events at our property–whether it be a reminder of items you need to bring or our general requirements for our facility and grounds.  All of this information has been provided in your contract as well.


  • You’ll need to supply tablecloths, coolers & beverage buckets (unless you’ve elected to rent ours) plates/cutlery/drinkware, ice
  • If you need scissors, tape, any preparation items, etc–please bring them with you
  • Hanging decor permitted in locations where we have command hooks.  No additional hooks can be added and no tape/nails/thumbtacks etc on any walls
  • Please leave our decorative artwork on the walls.
  • Media–if you need assistance with setting up music or tv’s please arrange this in advance so it can be taken care of during your set up time.  We may not be on the property during your event to assist.  


  • All events are three hours, not including set up and clean up unless you have contracted for additional time.
  • If you’ve booked an evening event, the latest an evening event can end is 10 pm if you have not rented all overnight guests rooms.
  • Clean up will need to be complete and everyone departed within 1 hour after the event ends.


  • Our maximum guest count at the property for events is 50.  If you have more than 50 guests show up, you will need to ask guests to leave to meet the 50 max.  
  • We do not permit underage drinking at any event.  If we suspect underage drinking, your event will be terminated.
  • We may have overnight guests at our property and we require that the outside be a “quiet zone” beginning at 9 pm–noise kept to a minimum and doors to the event center to be closed
  • CHILDREN at events
    • SAFETY is of the utmost importance at Weller Haus.  Our pond is a big attraction for children and we need to insure that there are no accidents with children, adults and the pond.
    • A parent must be outside when their child or anyone 16 or under is outside. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • We are not a football field, park, or someone’s back yard.  We are a business and this is our personal home as well.  The expectation is that children will conduct themselves as if they are at a business or someone’s home — not running around and screaming as if they’re at the playground.


Unless you have paid the $150 cleaning fee, the following items will need to be done at the end of your event:

    • All trash bagged and taken to the trash cans in alley–out the back doors and to the left.  We supply extra trash bags under the sink at the bar as well as counter wipes and dish soap
    • The sink does not contain a disposal–please, scrape all plates into a trash can so no food into and possibly clogs up the drain.
    • If you’ve rented our cooler or beverage buckets, all ice and water disposed of in the back alley, not in the gardens
    • Counters and appliances wiped clean
    • All outside trash picked up and disposed of including plates, cups, bottles, 
    • Any outside furniture that was moved –return to the original location
    • If you’ve purchased the firepits, please insure that the flames have been turned off.
    • Cooling/heating units turned off in both the large room and with the thermostat by the bar
    • Lights turned off
    • All doors locked–alley entry doors and doors leading to the garden


  • There is a $50 fee for each parking lot that is utilized during your event.  If you haven’t arranged for it at this point and would like to use the lot, let us know so we can set out the appropriate signs.  
  • Firepits must be arranged at least 48 hours in advance and are $25 for each location.
  • We do have late departure fees of $150 each for any portion of an hour that the event runs over the scheduled end time and clean up time .
  • A cleaning fee of $150 will apply if clean up has not been completed as contracted.
  • Damages to walls will incur a minimum fee of $50 per area that is damaged.

We appreciate your attention to these details that will help your event run and wrap up smoothly.