Mission Aerospace–Museum Terminal Cincinnati–July 27, 2018

Are you interested in space exploration, modern-day aeronautics, testing the laws of aerodynamics or the history of rockets and flight?  Then take some time and head on over to the Museum Terminal–and bring your kids too–for the museum’s “Mission Aerospace” exhibit.  This is an interactive experience that caters to all ages from young children to seniors.

Tan brick building, semi-circular in nature, light at night with 6 post lights and large round lit clock on the front.


An aeronautics-themed interactive exhibit will guide you through completing over a dozen puzzles and experiments as you wander through the 4000 sq. ft. maze filled with educational materials.Standing metal enclosures with blue and black sign on front that says History of Flight  

You’ll be able to build your own rockets and advanced paper airplanes.  Once completed, you can head over to the target area and test your creations–how far will it go and how does it perform?  Will your rocket be able to make it to one of our other solar system planets such as Saturn….or will it land in Seattle?  Make a few modifications on your plane and test it again–can you make it sophisticated enough to be able to perform aerial stunts such as loops or barrel rolls?

Grey sign that says Paper Airplanes Make them Here sitting on a wooden tableExperimenting with a more advanced model airplane, you are able to learn about thrust, lift and control by flying the plane through a miniature wind tunnel.  Once you’ve mastered these skills, you’ll go to a fighter jet simulator in the Ace Academy and test those skills with your body and use a motion sensing camera to pilot a WW1-era plane.

For history buffs, there is the opportunity to explore the history of rocket science and aviation including fighter jets from WWI and WWII helicopters as well as the F-22 Raptor and American fighter jets.

Silver F-22 Raptor Military plane flying in blue skiesIt’s a fun and educational family-oriented activity and the price is right.  If you’re a museum member, tickets are free.  For non-members, ticket prices are:  Toddlers–$5.50; Children to age 12–$8.50; Seniors–$9.50 and adults $10.50.  The exhibit runs until August 9th.  Give us a shout for a 10% discount on a room if you’re coming here to visit Mission Aerospace.



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