Annual Buy One Get One Free Gift Certificate Offer from Weller Haus Bed, Breakfast and Event Center–December 2, 2019

Table set with red and white plates with holiday greenery and flowers in the centerThe holiday shopping season is upon us once again and this year we have one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas to shop for friends, family and colleagues.  I don’t know about you, but the struggle is real when you’re looking for that perfect gift for the “hard to buy for” individual.  For work colleagues the challenge may be trying to insure it’s not too personal.  For family, how do you keep  your gift from being “re-gifted” at a later date?  And with your close friends—what to do about that person that says they really have everything they need–but yet you want to give them something  special. 

Green Pine tree decorated with red, white and silver ornaments and red and silver wrapped packages under the treeThe answer may just be in the “non-traditional”  gift, by giving them an “experience”.  Yes, that’s right—something they can enjoy with a significant other (or by themselves if they prefer)  that will provide a memory that will outlast that scarf, book, shirt or bath basket.  While everything about the traditional gift is perfectly fine, sometimes you want or need to step up your game.  And that’s where Weller Haus Buy One Get One  FREE gift certificate offer can help you out.   Not only will you be giving something very special, but you will end up with a second gift as well–whether you choose to keep it or pass it on to someone else.


We have two offers available when you purchase a gift certificate with us and they are are shown below.  Our paid gift certificates are valid for 5 years and can be used any day of the week.   These gift certificates make great gifts for family, friends, and colleagues.  And if you’re a business–consider purchasing gift certificates for your employees and using the FREEBIES as incentives for your employees throughout the year.  If you are interested in ordering large quantities of gift certificates (spending over $3000)  please call us for our special offer.  

Round red and white sign saying Buy One Get One FreeBuy One Get One FREE of Equal ValuePurchase a Gift Certificate minimum amount of a $200 and we will GIVE YOU FREE one of that same value.  Buy $200, get $200; buy $300, get $300.  Yes, you read that correctly–we are giving away big bucks!  On the FREE certificates, there are some restrictions–but hey–we’re giving away a large chunk of change here, so we’re going to require that these not be redeemed on our peak days.  They’re valid when checking in Monday-Thursday nights; Valid until 12/10/2020 during non-holiday/non-peak period time frames and they are redeemable on our standard rates–not in conjunction with our discounted rates.  In addition, they can be combined with a paid certificate when booking a multiple night stay.

Red Black and White sign that says Buy One Get One 50% offBuy One Get One FREE valued at 50% of Purchased Gift CertificatePurchase a gift certificate minimum amount of $100 and we will GIVE YOU FREE a gift certificate valued a 50% of the paid gift certificate.  Spend $100, we’ll give you a free one valued at $50; Spend $200, we’ll give you one valued at $100.  The FREE certificates still have some restrictions.  These are valid until 12/9/2021 any day of the week during non-holiday/non peak period time frames and they are redeemable against our standard rates.  They can be combined with a paid gift certificate when booking a multiple night stay.

You can book these gift certificates online here or call us at 859-391-8315.  When you are filling out the form for purchase, you will need to let us know which promotional voucher/certificate you want to receive.  After you enter your phone number, you will need to enter either BOGOFREE or BOGO50% to insure you get the right certificate.  So, enter your number, a space and then BOGOFREE or BOGO50%.  See the example below of our online order form.   When you order online, your paid gift certificate will be sent immediately and the FREEBIE will be sent within 24 hours.

First NameSamantha
Last NameSmith
Phone Number859-391-8324 BOGOFREE

Don’t wait too long to make your purchase.  These FREE OFFERS are valid for purchases on NEW gift certificate orders through December 24, 2019.  We are giving away only 100 FREE certificates–get your order in NOW!!



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